Title: The Art of Crash Landing

Author: Melissa DeCarlo

I started reading this book Friday around 10:00 p.m. and could not put it down. By 3:00 a.m. I could not keep my eyes open, so got some shut eye.  I picked it back up again Saturday afternoon and finished it by early evening.

WOW! Did not expect the plot line, which was wonderful and shocking, but the writing was spectacular.  Sassy, irreverent, insightful, and heartbreaking.  Made me laugh a lot.  Pulled at my heartstrings a bit too.

Mattie Wallace thinks an unexpected inheritance is going to be the answer to her messed up life. Little does she know that the world has other plans.  Returning to the small town of her mother’s birth finally brings answers to long kept secrets changing lives forever.  It is a true rollercoaster ride and worth every minute.

This is Ms. DeCarlo’s first novel and I am looking forward to everything she creates in the future.

Remember:  Read a book and write a book review.  Post it everywhere to help authors become known to the world.  You are the literary agents for your favorite authors.





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