The publishing paradigm has definitely shifted.

Huh, you say.  Let me explain.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Kristen Lamb’s post of December 19, 2016, titled The Hard Truth about Publishing…and I completely agree with her.  Her post and all the research I have been doing on using social media to promote my writing, has made me realize that the literary agent/publisher pedestals we still cling to with white knuckled fists, (hence Ms. Lamb’s very informative post and the myriad of very helpful books on the subject), have given me this light bulb moment.

Light bulb If we understand all these wonderful philosophies correctly, these once hallowed pedestals have crumbled into literary dust right before our very eyes, and we have yet to recognize this rather fundamentally powerful change in the system.

The thing is, we (EVERY USER OF SOCIAL MEDIA OUT THERE, and I know there’s a few of you out there…:) have now become each other’s literary agents/marketing gurus/publishers.  How about that for a paradigm shift?

Social media has changed the world of communication forever and we are still looking at selling our books in the old fashioned way: we write, we ePublish or POD (Print on Demand), we post a note on every social media site known to man saying “Hey, I’ve written a wonderful book, come read it,” and then we wait, hoping the world will notice.

And, when that does not bring the results we long for, we send query letters to literary agents or publishers, only to hear nothing, or be rejected by everyone we’ve solicited.  Not to worry.  All part of the process.  Or so “they” say.

Well, look alive everyone, because WE are the world, so just exactly what are WE waiting for?  What we should be doing is reading and promoting all our favorite authors on every form of social media we can.  You can toot your own horn only so much.  Now it is time to help each other.

It is really up to us to encourage every social media contact we all have to read not only our books, but the books of all the authors we like/love.

So the circle of a books life is:  read it, post an immediate book review (not post links to sites that have a tab called Book Reviews), but immediate posts on each social media platform a satisfied reader has, and instantly send that review to every friend and follower they have, world wide.

Ta da!  Instant marketing.

So, if you were to read say, Murder at Tulip House, and you liked it, then posted a positive review on all your social media sites, at least 100 of your thousands of friends/followers would buy the book and read it.  Which would result in more reviews being posted,  more books being bought and read, etc., etc.

Social Media is the backyard gossip line of the 21st century.  Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool around.  Check it out.  A million studies have been done on this one.

So, read and promote every author you love on every social media site you have, and see if you don’t make a huge difference in this wonderful world of writing and self publishing.

Look forward to your comments.  Come visit me on my Facebook page: Linda Fleete






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