Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

Yep, another blog about a writer’s experience, but I hope mine will be funner (not perfect English but I like it) than the others.

Why 26 Little Letters?  Well, a few weeks ago I had a light bulb moment and realized that writing is probably the most level of playing fields there is.

And where did I come up with that little theory?

Easy:  Everyone using the modern English alphabet is using the same 26 little letters to create every word they write, we all just push them around the page in different ways.  Some better than others, but who cares?

So, even if you are just learning to write or have degrees out the wazoo, the is still spelled t..h..e, and all the rest of the words we use are in the dictionary, so look them up and use every one of them.  Well, maybe not all in one sentence, as that would be a bit cramped, but have fun, don’t be intimidated by the person with the big title, or the big ideas, or even the little ideas that have the potential to be big ideas, just write your thoughts down and leave the editing for later.  Much later.

What am I basing my crazy theory on?  The book I wrote and epublished.

It is titled:  Murder at Tulip House and it is my very (very) humble ode to Agatha Christie and her wonderful mysteries.

Back in February of 2014, after binge watching about 15 hours of the Hercule Poirot (I have since watched the entire series, twice…that’s a lot of TV time, but worth every minute) mystery series on Acorn.com, I woke up with a crazy kernel of an idea about a mad man and his quest for revenge.  What followed was 2 years of writing, tons of research (yea Google and Wikipedia), and lots and lots of editing and rewriting (THANK YOU MARGARET AND TERI).

Once my cohorts and I determined that Tulip was ready for unveiling, I researched an affordable cover (ebooks only require a front cover, thank goodness), got mine from selfpubbookcovers.com.  Very helpful site with thousands of beautiful covers to choose from.  They also have very useful advise on publishing.  Give it a read and check out the site for your book cover.  Yes, I’m promoting.  We all need help starting out and this is just one of thousands of sites to find a cover.  You can also use Create Space on Kindle…its free.  I like free.  So, give it a whirl and let me know what you think.

I formatted my document according to Kindle’s wonderful instructions (styles are easy, once you get the hang of them), added my free ISBN# that I received from Smashwords, and hit the publish button.  And voila, my book was published.

Because I published on Smashwords and Amazon, my ebook is also available on KOBO, Barnes & Noble, and about ten other sites through Smashwords distribution.  Check it out.  Great site.

Well, I think this is pretty good for my first post.

Merry Christmas everyone and talk with you soon.






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